About the Artist






                              I grew up in Salisbury, NC, where I attended Catawba College.  Graduating with                                honors, I received my AB Degree in English and French and then continued                                postgraduate studies at Vanderbilt University.  Different job positions took me to Bowling Green, KY; Neuchâtel, Switzerland; Richmond, VA;  Atlanta, GA; Phoenix, AZ; and Los Angeles, CA.  Since childhood I have had a passion for art, but it was not until I moved to Los Angeles that I was able to pursue that interest for the twenty years that I lived there.  Upon retirement from business, my husband and I made the decision to settle in Cary, NC.  After a few fruitful years there, we again picked up roots to move to the Atlanta area to be closer to family.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to study with many nationally recognized artists and instructors, and I continue to take workshops so that I can maintain a current and fresh feeling to my work.  


    As an abstract artist, I derive my inspiration from many sources.  I like to draw upon my many travel experiences and from some of my favorite English and French poets who reflect my own conscious or subconscious emotions.  Consequently, my art is non-objective in nature and becomes expression of my innermost feelings and thoughts about everyday existence.  Some of the themes I like to explore deal with the transitory essence of time, space, and the natural world and how they relate to the fragility of the human condition.





Sarah Mantel


                     Visual Artist